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Get ready to fall in love - Mimzy is the performing dog that will capture your heart.

Yorkshire Terrier Mimzy
You think you've seen impressive trained performing dogs before? Mimzy runs circles around them…and figure eights, as well!

Sure, your average pooch may be able to beg, sit, and stay - but Mimzy is a breed apart.

This cultivated canine is one doggie with talent to spare - from performing intricate dance routines to memory games…she even does her own stunts. Once you've seen Mimzy in action, you'll swear she's not just smarter than most dogs, she's smarter than some people, too!

Exuding charm few can resist, Mimzy is a performer without equal (she even does a great parrot impression).

Performing dog Mimzy

Though Mimzy performs on the bill with her human pack-mates, she always manages to steal the show.

And that's not easy, because Mark Angelo and Marlo are gifted artists themselves. Taken together, these three performers aren't just a family - they're a high energy production that's impossible to forget.