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Are you looking for fairs & festivals entertainment that will draw crowds to the stage, and takes them on a roller-coaster ride of laughs and thrills?

When the guests at your fair or festival are watching a show with Mark and Marlo, they'll be laughing so hard they won't have a chance to catch their breath!

Comedy in High Definition® is a family-friendly show that appeals to all ages… kids, teens, and adults.

The kids love it when they help juggle up to five balls, then celebrate with their own special victory dance after becoming the stars of the show. Teens always go crazy for Mark's sensational display of fire juggling, and Marlo's whips cracking inches in front of his face. The adults get pumped for the high-energy musical numbers that can happen at any moment.

This festival entertainment has something for everyone…the show can be seen and enjoyed from a hundred yards away!

When a show is packed with this much action, suspense, and clean comedy...there's no surprise when it's talked about for weeks on end.

If you want entertainment for your fair or festival that will create a big impression on the midway, let Mark and Marlo help you make it a reality.

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