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You have one chance to make your corporate Christmas party exceptional.

How will you do it? Book the Christmas party entertainment that will knock the holiday stockings off of everyone in the room…namely, Mark and Marlo's Comedy in High Definition®! Let's face it…your company puts time, energy, and money into the big Christmas bash each and every year, and you want your employees to not just have a "good time", but an experience…one that will make them glad that they were at the yearly function to be a part of it.

Make your Christmas party the talk of the water cooler this season.

Mark and Marlo specialize in corporate Christmas party entertainment which is not just a show, but a full-on production. Whether your party is an employee-only event or one that includes families as well, full audience engagement is guaranteed in each and every performance. The show will be customized to fit your audience like a warm fleece-lined glove with loads of audience participation, can't-miss clean comedy, and visuals more captivating than the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza! Yes, he can even make that guy Jim (from accounting) a celebrity, although, this time, without the lampshade on his head.

Looking for professional strolling jugglers to interact with your guests?

Ambient or “atmospheric” entertainment is the perfect solution when you want to inject a fun, unique, and interactive facet to the evening. It doesn’t require a stage, or even the audience’s full attention at all times. It’s very flexible. Say you are holding your event in a “speakeasy”, and want an added level of interest for your guests. Well, a fire-eater dressed in 1930s performance costume would fit the bill nicely. If it’s in a science or technology museum, an LED performer will brighten the festivities in a way that compliments the setting. Strolling juggers can weave amongst your guests during cocktails, inviting light participation and fun.

So, if you'd like to work a Christmas miracle this year and make your party one that will have everyone in your company talking well into the New Year, call Mark and Marlo to make it happen.

Corporate Christmas Party Entertainment

To help you make your company holiday party as merry as can be, Mark and Marlo travel nationwide.

Get in touch with Mark and Marlo…They're booking dates for the 2019 Christmas Party season now, and they'll fill up fast!