Mark Angelo and Marlo are the comedy jugglers that shatter the mold.

When you think of comedy jugglers, what comes to mind? Is it an act you once saw on the street in New York City? Maybe you saw something along those lines on TV. Well, get ready to unlearn what you've learned, because Mark Angelo and Marlo explode the concept of what a comedy juggling act "normally" is...in nuclear fashion.

They make your event stand out by delivering the unexpected...a show that is full of energy and laughs that will spread through your audience like wildfire.

You'll witness the exotic Chinese "Dragon Wing" dance, bullwhips that shred innocent party favors, and ping-pong balls that zoom thirty feet in the air. But then, just when you think it can't get any better, they add the best part...members of the audience! That's right, even the most reserved in the house will howl at their friends' antics once on stage.

By perfectly balancing audience participation and oh-my-god-they'll-kill-themselves stunts, these comedy jugglers deliver a show that builds momentum of tsunami proportions!

Mark grew up in the small college town of Kent, Ohio, where he taught himself how to juggle (it WAS before the internet, after all). Once he saw how quickly he mastered the art, he knew the sky was the limit. Within just a few years, Mark had won three gold medals and a World Championship in international competition. This, in turn, ignited a professional career that has led him, over the past 20 years, to countries as far away as Japan, China, Italy, Spain, and England - in addition to states all across America.

Mark Angelo Juggles Bowling Balls

Raised in San Francisco, Marlo was exposed to one of the world's great art scenes early in life. She trained in both dance and vocals at a young age, and was soon a regular on stage. However, she didn't come to juggling until the ripe old age of twelve. Since then, she has incorporated her early training to enhance her performances, resulting in a unique approach to the art she today practices with her husband, Mark.