Facts, trivia, and other things you're dying to know…

Quite often, entertainers will find themselves answering the same questions over the span of their careers, so Mark would like to share the Q&As with you to clear things up a little right now…ENJOY!

Mark thinks bigger than that. He juggles King Salmon. 5 of 'em.
He wanted to juggle 3 balls, because his older brother could do two. It's always the way, isn't it?
Fireflies…lots of fireflies. Oh, and all different colors.
Mark has won 3 gold medals, the title of World Champion from the IJA (International Jugglers' Association), and he has his name on a plaque at Big Jim's Steakhouse for eating a 28 oz. Sirloin in under 30 minutes.
Machetes, torches, bowling balls, and a Tickle Me Elmo - MAN, that guy is distracting!
Anti-gravity. No, wait, he's already got that one.
That you can do anything…ANYTHING, if you want it bad enough, and work your butt off for it.