Adventures in Comedy

Welcome to the Blog! Here you can find the golden insights and sage wisdom of a soul well-traveled. Or, put another way...the ramblings of one Mark Angelo - Entertainer, Comedian, Juggler, Mammal.

Check back periodically to see what magic lies behind the curtain!

Life on the Road - Literally

Marlo and I have been keeping a secret from all but a select few. For the rest of you, here it is: we're now full-time RVers. Crazy, right? Maybe not so much... From an early age, I knew I wanted to travel. Geography and Social Studies were near the top of the list of favorite school subjects. I ...

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Defending my Guinness World Record in China - a.k.a. My Ticket to the Middle Kingdom...Part 2

So what's it like to travel 10,000 miles over the continental U.S. and the Pacific Ocean in one day? If you didn't catch the leadup to the big competition that comes to a head in this article, you can read about it here. Culture ClassSo here we are, in a totally foreign land, without any Mandarin ...

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Guinness World Record 60th Anniversary Broadcast - a.k.a. My Ticket to the Middle Kingdom

Creating opportunities doesn't have to be rocket science...but being focused in your efforts can lead to success far faster than just finding things to keep yourself "busy". My wife suggested going for a Guinness World Record. It's a huge brand with universal recognition, and if nothing else it'd ...

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How My Guinness World Record Got Me on a Game Show

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a contestant on a game show? What would it be like once you were under those bright lights? Would seemingly simple questions become harder to figure out than a college-level calculus equation? And most importantly... are the host's teeth really that white ...

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