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Choosing the right corporate entertainment for your event is serious business. Why leave it to chance?

Ever wonder what it would be like to have two amazing corporate entertainers as part of your team? Well, when you hire Mark and Marlo, that’s exactly what you get.

Comedians Mark and Marlo will effectively become part of your company, by consulting with you to create corporate entertainment that will have the greatest impact for your intended audience, just as they has done for companies including Nestle, Alcoa, Rubbermaid and Home Depot. Clients, colleagues, and even the boss are sure to be impressed, because Mark and Marlo take the time to understand you, your company, and your product.


Energize your morning meetings with a show full of can’t-miss laughs, and in the process create memories that will stay with your employees long after the curtain has gone down.

Recognition Banquets

Recognize your valuable employees with a night of laughter. Mark and Marlo will incorporate them into the show, revealing them to be the stars that they are!

Trade Show / Convention Entertainment

Create more buzz at your next trade show. Mark and Marlo know how to bring your potential customers in, and how to represent your product and message to get more leads.

Learn more about convention / trade show entertainment services.

Team-Building Workshops

Help your employees "gel" like never before, with this workshop - an outstanding interactive seminar that is great fun, but also one that fosters group creativity and teamwork.

Learn more about the team-building seminar.

Master of Ceremonies

When you need an emcee that has the energy to keep things moving along, while making all the aspects of your presentation coalesce into one memorable evening, you can count on Mark to do just that. Mark offers corporate entertainment that puts everyone at ease, yet keeps them excited about each segment of your program, focused and ready for more.

Corporate Entertainer Mark Angelo

If You're Tired of Boring Presentations, Sales Keynote Speakers Mark and Marlo Can Help

Sales - an essential pillar of your business - starts with an energetic and knowledgeable team. How do you help keep your group at the top of their game? Try adding entertainment to your sales meetings. Mark and Marlo will work closely with you, in order to craft a presentation that both entertains and reinforces your company's individual sales process.

Some of the points integrated into your custom-made presentation might include:

  • Believing in your product or service as the starting point of successful sales.
  • Knowledge of your product/service, as well as that of your competition.
  • Performance - your sales team's ability to demonstrate how your product works and the advantages for your potential clients.
  • How to deliver an effective pitch.
  • Reading the client - knowing when to make the sale.

By keeping your sales meetings fresh, you reinvigorate your team - Mark and Marlo are ready to help you make it happen.