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Clean comedians Mark and Marlo are more than typical magicians, ventriloquists, stand-up comics, or hypnotists.

Finding a great clean comedian can be an arduous task. Many comics can get huge laughs, but with edgy material that walks a fine line - or steps right over it. When you hire Mark and Marlo, though, you can put your mind at ease. Whether performing in a theater or a conference room, they are more than thoroughly clean comedians…they are multi-skilled performers who excite the senses.

Imagine the thrill of a Las Vegas-style production show…the lights, the get-your-blood-pumping music, and the buzz generated by the energy of 1000-watt performers - with Mark and Marlo, you get so much more than just clean comedians, you get the entire entertainment package.

Laughter creates lasting memories… Mark and Marlo fill the whole room with it! More than that, they do it with comedy that will never shock or embarrass anyone. As clean comedians that engage people across generations, and from every walk of life, you can be sure that the show will appeal to each and every person.

For a clean comedy spectacular that captures the imagination and hits the funny bone hard…look no further…Mark and Marlo are ready to deliver the knockout!

Clean Comedian Mark Angelo's Theater Show