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Mark and Marlo - awesome comedy for the college crowd.

If you are looking for college entertainment that will shock-and-awe each and every student on campus, look no further… Mark Angelo and his wife Marlo are ready to bring an unforgettable spectacle to your university.

College comedy with an edge.

Many college entertainers can deliver laughs, but not too often will they have the rock-solid skills that go along with it – providing the one-two punch that you get when Comedy In High Definition® comes to your university.

Bringing downright scary levels of energy to the stage… energy that jumps from one audience member to the next… this college show is like a non-stop rock spectacle… one with whips, flying machetes, and the most bizarre game of ping-pong you'll ever see.

Mark and Marlo will help you bring school spirit on campus to an all-time high, as well. Running throughout the show are hilarious pieces that turn students into superstars right before their fellow classmates' eyes.

Go with the real deal.

If you want the complete college entertainment package guaranteed to leave your student body in awe and with smiles all over their faces, you can't do better than Mark & Marlo – Comedy In High Definition®.

College Comedian Mark Angelo